Which Squash Ball is Best for Beginners? [The Dots Explained!]

best squash ball for beginners

Alongside your racquet, the squash ball is one of the most essential pieces of kit for a successful squash game. However, unlike many other sports that make use of just the one ball – squash has several types of balls to choose from!

For those new to this sport, this wide variety of ball type can make the game seem initially daunting.

But, the reason for having such a wide range of ball types in squash is simply to ensure that you derive the best gameplay possible each time. Therefore, this vast selection isn’t that confusing once you understand what each type of squash ball can offer you.

Here we look at the types of squash balls available, offering you an idea as to the best model as a beginner. We also expand a little on the various types available, for when you do feel comfortable to move up to the next ball level, alongside providing you a selection of the best brands currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Best Squash Balls For Beginners: Our Recommendations!

Now that you’re aware of the best types of balls to use in squash, here we offer a small selection of some of the best sellers on Amazon, with a choice from each colour category.

Dunlop Beginner Squash Balls – Blue Dot

Dunlop sell a three-pack of squash balls which are perfect for those new to the sport.

With the ability to work on enhancing your technique, these are 12% larger than that of standard size squash balls. Thus, beginners can easily strike the ball.

These blue dot balls also have a 40% longer hang time, compared to that of pro balls.

Dunlop Progress Squash Balls – Red Dot

For those more causal of squash players, the next step up from beginner blue dot balls are those red dot balls.

A more advanced selection, this pack of three will help with developing player technique and improve on current playing standards.

These are also 6% larger, offering a 20% higher rebound than other ball types.

Dunlop Advanced Squash Balls – Yellow Dot

As you progress further though your squash career, the yellow dot squash balls here will assist you moving into a more advanced stage.

This is a three-pack squash ball type for those players who have gained a great deal of confidence in their gameplay.

Dunlop Pro Squash Balls – Double Yellow Dot

Finally, for those making it to tournament stage, or those simply keen on trying out a more advanced type of squash ball, these are a brilliant pack of three squash balls, all double yellow dot models.

Considered the best choice for club players, tournaments, and those professionals of players, these are the official World Squash Federation balls.

Preferred for their makeup and construction, these pro squash balls offer fantastic playability and durability throughout.

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The Dots on a Squash Ball Explained

The first thing you may notice is that squash balls have dots on them. This isn’t just for decoration purposes but serves to differentiate the exact type of ball you’re using.

The most common squash balls will offer either a red dot, blue dot, yellow dot, or double yellow dot.

A squash ball with a blue dot: This is ideal for beginners and children. Offering a high bounce, it also delivers a fast speed.

A squash ball with a red dot: This is great for those training players and gives a medium bounce with a medium speed delivered.

A squash ball with a yellow dot: This is suited to the more advanced of squash players and offers a low bounce and therefore extremely low speed.

A squash ball with a double yellow spot: This is perhaps a ball best-left to the experts. With an extremely low bounce and an extremely super slow speed, that extra spot indicates a more professional level!

Therefore if you’re a beginner to squash, your ideal ball choice would be that with a blue dot.

squash ball bounce

What Type of Squash Ball for What Game?

Squash balls are ideal because their colour dots clearly indicate which ball is the best for your current squash playing level.

However, when it comes to the type of game you want to play, these colour dots can further be broken down and labelled in terms of their game type.

Blue Dot Squash Balls (Intro) – These are ideal for introductory squash games. They are larger than standard size squash balls and therefore allow beginners an increased bounce. Those new to the sport and beginning to play full-length squash games will benefit from intro squash ball types.

Red Dot Squash Balls (Progress) – These are great for those improving players and even those more intermediate of squash players. Slightly larger than those yellow dot balls they also offer more bounce making them ideal for games between players that have been playing squash for a considerable amount of time now and have gained a good level of confidence in their game.

Yellow Single Dot Squash Balls (Competition) – Though they are the same size as double yellow dot balls, these are excellent for games played by club players and indeed on many a cold court type. With more bounce then the double yellow dot, the more intense of squash games are ideal with these ball types.

Double Yellow Dot Squash Balls (Pro) – As the very name suggests these pro balls are the ones you’ll find used in the professional squash games and therefore best for those professional levels and very experienced squash players.

Do Brands Make a Difference?

As a newbie to the world of squash, you’ll come across many brands of squash balls. Those more experienced of squash players will often tell you that there are significant differences between each brand.

Though you may find that this comes down to personal preference when buying your own squash balls over time, these differences tend to vary between ball life spans and any playing characteristics of the ball itself.

The most popular choice for many squash players has always been and remains that of the brand Dunlop. Known throughout the sporting world for its ability to produce only those highest quality of balls, most squash players find Dunlop unbeaten in terms of performance, lifespan, and consistent bounce.


While the blue dot ball is the best choice for those new to squash, it’s certainly worth looking at how the other colour types feel in use.

This way, you get an idea of the differences in each ball type alongside a thorough understand of the reasoning behind this ball sport offering a more extensive selection of ball choices than any other ball sport.

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