Best Squash Shoes [Reviews & Guide for 2020]

best squash shoes

Squash is one of the fastest racket games of all, and requires excellent hand-eye coordination as well as nifty footwork! According to statistics, squash is played by more than half a million people on a regular basis in the UK, which makes it one of the most popular of all participation sports.

In this article we are going to be looking at one of the most important parts of your squash kit: the shoes!

Squash shoes need to be chosen carefully as they should have certain qualities in terms of comfort and wear – and also, they must not leave marks on the court – so before we go on to look at some of the best examples available, let’s check out what you need to consider when choosing the best squash shoes for you

Best Squash Shoes: Our 10 Recommendations for 2020

1. Hi-Tec Squash Classic Men’s

A genuine classic, the Hi-Tec Classic has been around since the 1970’s and was the shoes that got Hi-Tec up and running.

Known for decent quality sports shoes at sensible prices, the Hi-Tec brand is now firmly established and while perhaps not held in as high esteem as some of the bigger names in the sports shoe market, these squash shoes are a very good buy, especially for beginners who don’t want to spend too much money in case they lose interest!

The shoes are well-made with a classic nubuck and suede outer that features mesh breathing for added comfort – great for those long games – and a carefully constructed inner for great fit. The sole is a gum rubber design that is optimised for agility and is non-marking, while an EVA midsole provides extra grip and helps with the required cushioning that squash players strive for.

The lace-up style is preferred by many players and the Hi-Tec Classic features punched eyelets for added strength. All in all, this is a decent squash shoe at a great price, available in sizes from 9 to 14 (all sizes are UK) and looks great in white.

It’s also popular, with more than 700 buyers having left comments and rating it average 4.5 stars – that’s a pretty good start. If there is one complaint that crops up it’s that the quality is perhaps not up with some other brands, but this is a budget shoe.

  • Classic design
  • Nubuck and suede
  • Gum and EVA non-marking sole
  • Designed for cushioning and grip
  • Very high customer satisfaction
  • Quality not up with ‘bigger’ brands
  • Only available in size 9 and up
  • Sizes not accurate in some cases

2. ASICS Gel-Rocket Sport 9

The ASICS brand is one that we would call mid-market, with a wide variety of quality sports shoes – and other items – that are well-priced and also very popular. This shoes is not a dedicated squash shoe but one that is branded as ‘Multisports’; nevertheless, it comes highly recommended by a large number of users – it also averages 4.5 stars in reviews – and looks the part in its choice of blue, red or white colourways.

The outer and inner are both composed of man-made synthetic materials, with breathable mesh includes for comfort when worn for a length of time. The design is simple yet stylish, and you can but the Gel-Rocket Sport 9 in sizes 5 to 14, so it’s available for kids as well as adults. A sole that combines the usual gum outer sole and EVA mid-sole is sculpted for grip and for cushioning, while the non-marking requirements are also promised.

The material used for these is designed to be moisture wicking, so you get added comfort, and the simple lace-up design is as standard. These are decent shoes at a sensible price for mid-market examples, and be aware they are a lightweight design. The only complaints we’ve come across are that they need some ‘breaking in’ and the sizes are too tight – we suspect this will be a regular one – plus the lack of leather has put some buyers off.

  • Known brand
  • Sizes 5 upwards
  • All synthetic materials
  • Gum sole non-marking
  • Cushioning mid sole
  • Sizes are tight
  • Non-leather construction
  • Need breaking in

3. Salming Kobra 2


This is rated by players as one of the finest squash shoes of them all, being specially designed for the sport. That does mean you’ll pay a bit more for this pair of very stylish and high-quality shoes than you will for some others, but for experienced and serious players  this shoe is a popular choice.

The advanced technology used in the construction of the Kobra 2 is very impressive, and designed to help with both grip and cushioning.

Synthetic upper with breathable mesh is the way to go for maximum comfort, yet it’s in the details that this shoe comes into its own. Designed with a deliberately low profile, the Kobra 2 features an anatomically designed heel cup for added comfort and fit, as well as a HexaGrip sole for grip and agility.

Incorporated into the sole is a ‘roll bar’ that prevents the shoe from rolling on the uptake, a great innovation that helps with precise and fast movement.

The whole shoe is designed to encourage and help natural movement throughout the game, and is simply superb in its execution. The cushioning is of the highest order, it can be had in a range of bright and breezy colours, and is available in sizes 8.5 up to 12 – in fact, the limited size availability may be the only downside.

Unless you’re concerned about the price: this is a top-end shoe that will cost you as much as £170, which is a lot to pay. But, if you want the best, this is probably it.

Check out the YouTube video below, or click here to watch it for a more in depth review.

  • Probably the best of its type
  • Advanced technology in cushioning and grip
  • Roll bar for increased agility
  • Quality materials throughout
  • You have to pay for it
  • Limited choice of sizes

4. Lico Unisex Adults Fit

This pair of budget sports shoes would be great for beginners or for kids – they are available from size 3 upwards – as they are designated ‘Multisport’ shoes. They come with a synthetic outer for breathability and strength, and a removable textile inner sole for comfort. Designed with racquet games in mind, the gum sole is a non-marking one so we have that covered.

A flat heel hints at the lack of technical advances in this basic design of sports shoe – they are a world away from that we described above, but then that’s reflected in the price which is a few pennies more than £20.

These are not, then, serious squash shoes, but more suitable for occasional use or – as said above – those who are new to the game and checking out whether it’s for them, or for kids. Note that this one is unisex, while most we have looked at so far are for men.

There is not much to go on in terms of customer testimony with these as they have not been reviewed by many buyers, but if we’re to be honest, they’re suitable only for very basic use. That’s not to say they should not be considered, but we’re pretty sure you’ll choose to spend a touch more on better shoes than this when you start looking at the benefits.

  • Full range of sizes
  • Unisex design
  • Breathable upper
  • Gum rubber non-marking sole
  • Great price
  • Definitely budget shoes
  • Flat heel
  • Low in technology

5. Head Unisex Squash Shoes

A top brand in the world of racket sports, Head offers a range of quality products that are often pitched at very good prices. This is a quality pair of shoes that we would perhaps have expected to cost a touch more – you can find them for around £50 – so we reckon they are well worth checking out more closely.

Finished in blue and white and a no-frills design that does everything you need, this pair of dedicated squash shoes comes with a synthetic breathable upper.

The sole is a neat design that offers great grip and is made from gum rubber to prevent marking. It features the brand’s own ‘Hybrasion System’ and radial contact technology for added cushioning and excellent performance all-round.

This is a lightweight shoe so bear that in mind when you are considering your options, and comes with generally good customer comments. One repeated complaint, however, is that it feels ‘flat footed’ so it is a must for trying on before you buy.

The standard lace-up closure design is no fuss, it has an EVA midsole for added grip, and it is available in sizes 6 to 12 including halves in-between. We reckon this Head squash shoe is a good choice for the experienced player or the relative newcomer wanting to get more serious, but check that its characteristics are OK with you first.

  • Top brand name
  • Unisex design
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Brand’s own grip and cushioning technology
  • Non-marking gel sole
  • Sizes can be tight
  • Some complaints about ‘flat footed’ performance
  • Not cheap, but not expensive

6. New Balance Men’s 624 Fitness Shoe

The New Balance brand is one with a string reputation in the world of athletics and fitness shoes, and this model would sit at the upper end of the mid-market in terms of quality and price. However, we do have a certain concern about this one, which we will come to in a minute.

First, there are a lot of people who have bought this shoe and commented on its worth, to the effect that it sores 4.5 stars in customer satisfaction – that is a very good start indeed.

Also, it is made with a leather outer – great for durability but it does add weight – and a textile inner for comfort, plus comes with breathable section for long-time use.

It has a block heel, which may appeal to some and not for others, and a technically advanced sole made from EVA for the footbed, and IMEVA (that’s injection moulded) for the mid-sole, providing great traction and cushioning, and even greater comfort. It’s a lace-up design, too, and is available in sizes from 6.5 up to 14.5, so that’s most men covered.

That concern we mentioned? It’s to do with the sole, which while technically advanced and undoubtedly effective, is blue. Why is this a problem? It comes back to the non-marking requirement of squash shoes, this being very much part of the game. It begs the question – is this a squash shoe? And we think perhaps not. Also, many customers reckon the sizes are around ½ a size out. Good for sports in general, but we wouldn’t recommend for squash.

  • Reputable brand
  • All the sizes from 6 up
  • Well-made with leather upper
  • Very clever cushioning and grip from EVA sole
  • Breathable
  • Blue sole – squash is usually yellow or white – may mark
  • Perhaps not a squash shoe
  • Sizes not accurate

7. adidas Men’s Stabil Bounce

One of the most recognisable brands in sports gear is adidas, and we could not have a list of squash shoes without including one of their products. In fact, this pair of very good quality shoes are initially designed for playing volleyball, yet the inclusion of non-marking soles means they are also suitable for squash, as does the impressive sole design that offers excellent grip and agility, and cushioning that is beyond the norm in a pair of shoes of this price range.

Bear in mind these are not cheap shoes – they are adidas after all – but nor are the needlessly expensive, and you could buy them for around £60 depending on size and where you shop.

A synthetic outer and man-made inner are the norm, and these shoes use TPU yarn which is designed for added strength and durability – while the gum rubber sole is a welcome one and is designed for grip.

This pair of shoes comes in all sizes from 3.5 up to 12 which should cater for most men across the UK, plus they are nicely finished in understated black and yellow.

As with all adidas products they come with the added reputation that one of the world’s biggest sporting brands brings with it, and we reckon they deserve a place on your shortlist even though they are not dedicated squash shoes.

  • Adidas brand
  • Tough outer for durability
  • All sizes up to 12
  • Gum rubber non-marking sole
  • Great agility and cushioning
  • Not dedicated squash shoes

8. ASICS Gel-Blast 6 Men’s

Our second entry from the ASICS brand is this shoe, the Gel-Blast 6, another men’s sports shoe that is designed specifically for racket sports, if not for squash alone. It’s a nice shoe at a sensible price, and comes in a range of bright green, blue or yellow colourways that make it stand out from the crowd. Whether that’s what you want in a squash shoe is, of course, personal choice, but we have to say we quite like the colours and they look great.

The upper and inner are synthetic materials designed for toughness and also to be as light as possible, while the gum sole is the usual combination of outer and mid-sole for grip and agility. It’s a non-marking design, which we would expect with any specific court shoe. As with most on our list this shoe is designed for wearers with normal width feet; if you have narrow or wide feet, it’s recommended you talk to an expert for advice.

This shoe is specially designed for stability and agility, so will offer the perfect performance for most squash players but as always we recommend you check them out by wearing before buying. They are well-cushioned thanks to the clever sole design, and customer testimony gives these shoes a rating of 4/5, which is pretty good all-round. Priced at the upper-mid range, these are decent shoes from a reputable brand.

  • Reputed brand
  • Great cushioning
  • Gum sole
  • Designed for court use
  • Colour choices
  • Limited size options
  • Not specific squash shoes
  • Sizes can be tight

9. Puma Men’s Explode Multisport

Another of the leading brands in sportswear and gear is Puma, which has been in the market for a long tie now. Known for quality products designed to last – and at decent prices – it is a brand that tries to cover all the bases, and these multisport shoes are a good example of their products.

Firmly in the mid-price range – although at the lower end – these are good quality shoes that come recommended by users with only minor concerns and we believe are great value at around £50.

A synthetic upper and inner and an EVA midsole – coupled with gum rubber sole for added grip and agility – make these well-designed shoes very popular, and the cushioning is more than adequate thanks to the brand’s experience in producing such products.

The colours of white, orange and silver may not be to everyone’s taste but are pretty standard in this field, and the flat heel design is also another personal choice.

These are for adults and they are available in sizes 9 to 11, which is a touch limiting, and they are designed fort comfort as much as performance.

There’s not a lot that lets them down apart from the possible fact they are not as stylish as some, but at this price, we’re not complaining – have a closer look as they might be for you.

  • Reputed brand
  • Quality product
  • Well-made upper and inner
  • Breathability
  • Non-marking cushioned sole
  • A bit dowdy in design
  • Limited sizes

10. Hi-Tec Men’s Squash Shoes

Known for decent quality sports shoes at sensible prices, the Hi-Tec brand is now firmly established and while perhaps not held in as high esteem as some of the bigger names in the sports shoe market, these squash shoes are a very good buy, especially for beginners who don’t want to spend too much money in case they lose interest!

The shoes are well-made with a classic nubuck and suede outer that features mesh breathing for added comfort – great for those long games – and a carefully constructed inner for great fit. The sole is a gum rubber design that is optimised for agility and is non-marking, while an EVA midsole provides extra grip and helps with the required cushioning that squash players strive for.

The lace-up style is preferred by many players and the Hi-Tec Classic features punched eyelets for added strength. All in all, this is a basic shoe, available in sizes from 9 to 11 (all sizes are UK) and looks fine in white. If there is one complaint that crops up it’s that the quality is perhaps not up with some other brands, but this is a budget shoe.

  • Budget price
  • Non marking sole
  • Good cushioning
  • Lace up
  • EVA and gum sole
  • Budget quality
  • Limited sizes
  • Not for serious players

So, that’s our list of 10 squash shoes for you to choose from, but which would we recommend? Let’s see if we can wrap things up with a bit of buying help, and our final recommendation.

Buying Guide: Helping You Choose!

As with all types of sports shoe, there are certain elements of squash shoes that are unique to the breed, so let’s get down to business: here are the main things you need to consider when you’re choosing shoes.


Naturally, you want shoes that fit you nicely for playing squash, but this is also something that depends on personal preference. Ideally, you want squash shoes that fit firmly but not too tightly: too tight, and you will have problems with pain in your feet. Too loose, and you’ll move around too much and not achieve the level of agility you want when playing. It is strongly advised that you have a professional measurement of your foot size taken if you want to get the perfect fit, and you can find this service at most shoe shops.

squash shoe reviews


Along with the right fit, you need to ensure your shoes give you enough in terms of cushioning to enable you to move around properly in comfort. When playing squash, you will be performing a lot of in-the-air action, as well as moving around quickly.

Your shoe needs to be able to cushion the impact and absorb any vibrations, as this is essential for protection the Achilles heel and other bones and muscles in the foot from damage. Depending on your weight and age, you may want shoes that come with additional cushioning, and it is worth talking to people who understand squash shoes for advice.


Another area of comfort is provided by the weight of the shoe. There are many different shoes to choose from that will be variable in weight, and this is another factor that comes down to personal choice. Lighter shoes – it should be remembered – will perhaps not be as durable as heavier ones, but if your shoes are too heavy you will not be happy moving around.

This is why we recommend you try on your squash shoes and have a good walk around before deciding which to buy.


Squash shoe soles are usually made from a form of gum that is sculpted to give you maximum grip and stability, and the science that has gone into designing these soles is quite advanced. The sole should also help with weight distribution, and aid your agility.

You will find that most squash shoes are fitted with white or orange soles: this is to help ensure that your shoes do not leave a mark on the floor of the court, which is one area of etiquette in the game of squash.

squash shoes sole


We’ll just add this here: it’s not always wise to go for the cheapest shoes you can find, and nor are the most expensive always the best. Either may be, but we do advise you set a budget and stick to it, as there can be quite large variations in the price of squash shoes.

Our Choice

Choosing any product of this kind, one that is going to be used in sports and by one person only, is always a matter of personal choice, and these squash shoes are no exception. We believe we’ve covered every angle here from the very basic, budget shoes – the HI-Tec pair that are perfectly good for beginners – to the very best in the business.

Indeed, there’s no doubt that the Salming Kobra 2 is the best pair of shoes on this list, offering professional level technology – but at a professional level price! But, does that make them the best value?



Naturally, if you want the best, you have to pay for them, so if you can afford those and you are serious about your squash, then we recommend you give them a second look. If you don’t want to spend that much, we would suggest you take a close look at the Head Unisex Squash Shoes.

For the price, we believe the technology and design – and overall quality – of this pair of dedicated squash shoes is hard to beat, and they should be good enough for any level of player.

We hope our review has helped you find the right squash shoes for you, so enjoy your games in comfort and style from now on!

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