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how fast does a squash ball travel

How Fast Does a Squash Ball Travel?

The official world record speed for a squash ball, from a serve, is 176mph. This was set by top professional Cameron Pilley from Australia. It is unlikely this speed will be matched at your local club! Squash is a very fast game in every way, but bear this in mind: […]

how to choose a squash racket

How to Choose a Squash Racket

The game of squash is one of the most exhilarating of all such sports, and is a great way of keeping fit too. Whether you play for fun or take things more seriously –  perhaps you play in a local league – you need to make sure you have the […]

is squash dangerous

How Dangerous is Squash?

Squash is often referred to as one of the most dangerous sports of all, and it can result in certain injuries as explained below. If you take the proper precautions, you can enjoy a game with minimum risks attached. Squash is a very fast-paced sport, and one that requires the […]

how often should you play squash

How Often Should You Play Squash?

When it comes to playing squash, there are no hard and fast rules about how often you must play. A game largely played based upon personal choice, you may well notice your squash club boasts of daily dedicated players, those regular couple of times a week players, alongside those who […]

which muscles does squash work

Which Muscles Does Squash Work?

Speak to any squash player walking off the court after a full-on squash match, and they’ll no doubt tell you it feels as though every muscle in their body has been worked! Undeniably, playing an intense game of squash will most certainly work your entire body and offer fabulous fitness […]

Back Pain Playing Squash Let’s Fix It!

If you’ve ever been unfortunate to experience back pain while playing squash, you’ll know how off-putting and detrimental it is to your game – not to mention problematic in attempting everyday tasks for some days afterwards. One of the most common complaints in squash is symptomatic back pain. Because this […]

why do squash balls get so hot

Why Do Squash Balls Get So Hot?

When you’ve been playing a game of squash for some time, you may well notice the ball getting very hot! For those more experienced and long-time players, this is par for the course when playing. Yet, if you’re new to this ever-popular ball sport, you may well find it a […]

squash racket restringing

How To Restring Your Squash Racket

As anyone who enjoys racket sports knows, a well-strung racket will do a lot to help your performance. Many players wait until a string breaks before restringing their squash racket, but there are other reasons for doing so. Why Should You Restring Your Squash Racket? Broken string. This is the […]