How Often Should You Play Squash?

how often should you play squash

When it comes to playing squash, there are no hard and fast rules about how often you must play.

A game largely played based upon personal choice, you may well notice your squash club boasts of daily dedicated players, those regular couple of times a week players, alongside those who frequent the courts just a few times each month!

In short, there are no specific guidelines available for the frequency you should be playing squash.

However, as with all sports and physical activities, there are many advantages to be gained from regular squash sessions, not to mention the obvious health benefits of using this as an ongoing way to keep those fitness levels tip top.

Taking Note of the Recommended Exercise Requirements 

We’re often told by experts that to keep our overall health and well being at its best, we should ideally aim to exercise for around three to four times a week.

Regardless of what kind of physical activity we choose to do, it’s suggested that we aim to get that heart rate pumping faster for around the thirty to sixty-minute mark each time.

So, when it comes to playing squash, there’s no reason why we can’t also apply these same guidelines to the squash court! This means if you can handle a full-on session of squash, making it an ongoing routine of three to four times a week, you’ll be hitting those requirements with no problems.

Squash Is Ideally Best Played Regularly

Undeniably, if you’re looking to improve your squash playing, then making your gameplay habitual will no doubt help with your mission!

The average time that most regular squash players currently commit to their ball sport ranges from two to four times per week.

Therefore, if you’re keen on developing your gameplay, then committing to regular sessions throughout the week will certainly help your training and improve your performance on the court.

In addition to improving your gameplay, frequenting the squash court regularly throughout the week will also contribute to your overall fitness levels and play a great factor in strengthening and toning those core muscles.

For many, the additional benefits of achieving a great looking body through intensive squash playing are a huge draw to spending more and more time on the court, as opposed to hitting the gym or other exercise classes.

It’s also worth considering here that a high-intensity full-on game of squash can effectively burn as much as 800 plus calories!

Can You Ever Play Too Much Squash?

A question often asked is whether you can actually spend too much time on the squash court, and, in a sense, overplay. The answer here all depends on the individual in question.

If we look further at those professional of squash players, some devote as much as five to six hours a day over six days a week to their squash playing.

Realistically though, most of us playing squash will have a day job to get to before we can let loose on the court – and one that takes up a good many hours.  Therefore, this may be a little excessive for even the most dedicated of players between us!

Not only is this time consuming, but unless we have the stamina of a professional squash player, committing to a daily session may well increase our chance of injuries.

Furthermore, by reducing the amount of recovery time in between games, you may well be doing more harm than good, further thwarting your chances of playing squash completely by not allowing your muscles to heal in between squash sessions.

Our Personal Squash Playing Time Recommendations

We suggest that by making a pact to hit the squash court at least three times a week, every week, there’s no doubt you’ll begin to see a marked improvement in your performance.

Most importantly, this way, you’ll allow your body the correct time to heal and regenerate itself, while ensuring you keep in good physical condition, without forgetting those crucial moves and tactics in the meantime.

Overall, do what feels most comfortable for you and your body and current level of fitness, always listening to what your body is telling you. You are, in fact, the best judge of what your body and, indeed, your mind can handle, so be guided by this. Ultimately make sure the act of playing squash remains a pleasure rather than a chore.

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