Improve Your Squash

rules of squash

The Rules of Squash [Our Ultimate Guide]

The game of squash is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing ball sports of the decade. With so many more people of all ages and capabilities taking up the challenge, squash is finally getting the accolade and attention that it deserves. However, for many coming to this sport, the concept […]

how to hold a squash racket

How To Hold A Squash Racket, Properly!

As with all racket sports, using the correct grip is vital to help your game. If you regularly play other sports, then you will need to learn to adapt your grip to squash. The strokes and skills required are very different to other racket sports. The Correct Grip Here’s a […]

how to play squash alone

How to Play Squash Alone [5 Practice Drills]

Though it may be known for its ability to connect like-minded people and offer a more social choice of sport, squash can indeed be practiced alone. In fact, in recent years practicing squash alone has gained momentum with many fans of the sport. However, there is a difference here between […]