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why do squash balls get so hot

Why Do Squash Balls Get So Hot?

When you’ve been playing a game of squash for some time, you may well notice the ball getting very hot! For those more experienced and long-time players, this is par for the course when playing. Yet, if you’re new to this ever-popular ball sport, you may well find it a […]

how to hold a squash racket

How To Hold A Squash Racket, Properly!

As with all racket sports, using the correct grip is vital to help your game. If you regularly play other sports, then you will need to learn to adapt your grip to squash. The strokes and skills required are very different to other racket sports. The Correct Grip Here’s a […]

squash racket restringing

How To Restring Your Squash Racket

As anyone who enjoys racket sports knows, a well-strung racket will do a lot to help your performance. Many players wait until a string breaks before restringing their squash racket, but there are other reasons for doing so. Why Should You Restring Your Squash Racket? Broken string. This is the […]

how to play squash alone

How to Play Squash Alone [5 Practice Drills]

Though it may be known for its ability to connect like-minded people and offer a more social choice of sport, squash can indeed be practiced alone. In fact, in recent years practicing squash alone has gained momentum with many fans of the sport. However, there is a difference here between […]

why do squash players touch the wall

Why Do Squash Players Touch the Wall?

When you’ve been playing squash for some time, you may begin to spot certain traits that a number of your fellow squash players or indeed opponents perform regularly. One of the most commonly discussed of these is that of touching the wall.  Though there’s no right way of answering this […]

how many calories does squash burn

How Many Calories Does Squash Burn?

Alongside the sheer fun, adrenaline fuel, and all-round social aspect of playing squash, this ball sport is one which burns an abundance of calories in the process! If you’re keen on finding out just how well this sport is serving you, here we look at why it’s so popular with […]